About Us

Francisco Enríquez

position: Operations

Alexandra Guzmán

position: Marketing

The founder of LatinX Radio Stream is of Latino descent, and after many years of living outside of her country, she decided to create a radio station that could help people like her by telling their stories and promoting their businesses.

She decided to create a radio station that could help people like her, telling their stories, promoting their businesses, reconnecting them with their roots, and keeping their culture alive through podcasts, live broadcasts that really communicate with the Hispanic community.

From there, LatinX was born, a Latino digital radio station whose purpose is to connect with all Hispanics living in the United States through music, art and culture.

On LatinX, you will find inspiring stories, diversity of cultures, love for animals and content that promotes personal, emotional and professional growth, generating inspiration and motivation to achieve success with your entrepreneurship.

By promoting your brand in LatinX, you will find the best way to make yourself known and communicate with your target audience. You will have access to exclusive advertising space during our streaming to position your business with your Hispanic target audience.



At LatinX, we highlight the expressions of our audience by showcasing their feelings audience by showing their feelings, emotions, art and music. And music, we seek to overcome frontiers with the innovation of a digital radio.


Interacting with Hispanic culture, LatinX promotes diverse cultural roots through our guests on different programs that will keep you up to date on important dates, music and current issues.


Tune in through www.latinxradiostream.com or any of our social networks. Program the music you like the most. Request your favorite songs from various music genres on any of our platforms.


With more than two years of experience broadcasting for several various locations in the United States and Hispanic
countries, LatinX has touched thousands of hearts with each one of the most watched and listened segments: Despertar Empresarial, Impacto Femenino, Boom Latino, Huellas de Amor and many more. Tune in every day, LatinX Radio Stream, your culture, your music.